Bible Study Lessons

Jeremiah 29:11

Bishop Johnathan D. Logan, Sr.
Your destiny is encapsulated within the purpose that you were specifically created to accomplish. It is the enemy’s intent to derail you from that purpose and hinder you from reaching your God-ordained, expected end.
Because you are not ignorant of his devices, you know that he will strategically scheme to place within your path, false purposes and desires that are not authentic and sincere; but fabricated to placate forward movement and get you out of alignment and away from God’s precise plan and desire for your life.
If you submit to any of the enemy’s diabolical schemes, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you will place yourself into a compromised position and may potentially void God’s original intent and purpose for your life. Here is a list of seven things you can immediately include in your “daily to do” list to prevent this from ever happening:
1) Awake every morning and give praise and thanks to God for giving you an opportunity to take part in His wonderful plan of reconciliation and redemption. 

2) Joyfully submit once again to God’s will and purpose for your life regardless to what you may be presently going through.
3) Confess His ability to help you in everything he would have you do and pray for the wisdom to accomplish it.
4) Stay prayerfully attuned to God’s voice so that you can rightfully discern and disregard any other voice that would get you off track.
5) Stay focused and aligned both spiritually and emotionally to what you have been assigned to oversee and look after.
6) Continuously watch your thoughts, your attitude, your words, and your actions so that the enemy gains no advantage.
7) Trust and obey the Holy Spirit without question or debate. Understand He is always right! 

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