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Other 0 October 16, 2021 Details
Wifekidyj0hns0n 0 July 10, 2021 Details
Children out of wedlock 1 June 8, 2020 Details
PRAYER REQUEST 0 April 3, 2019 Details
Healing request 5 June 27, 2018 Details
Please Pray For Me 2 March 23, 2017 Details


I would like to request your church to help me pray for my family. I believe that more of God’s children praying together can accomplish anything, if it’s His will. I would like you to help me pray for three things: My wife to be healed, my brothers to be saved, and for God to answer my pray about an opportunity that would allow me to do visitations part or full time.

Thank you and may God bless you.


Bish0pj0hns0n J0hns0n

Children out of wedlock

Carma Stearne
I watched a youtube video about Heaven and hell. I’m terrified to think of their fate. I have to learn more about the Lord. I’m ready to completely surrender to the Lord. Please guide me.


? For successfully completing the MBBS study of Abhijith S Astin (2017-2022)
? God gave me some promises, pray for the fulfilment of that promises.
? Due to financial crisis, house construction stoped, pray for the completion of house.
? Debted 2 lakhs, pray for clearing that debt.
? Pray for creatin and albumin become normal.
? Change the mind of Beena and stop the wrong phone calls & contact.
? For Stanly Raj and Sruma for getting memory power.
? 2.25 acre land for sale at Chani, Pray for sale and getting 5 lakhs from a cent.
? Pray for the good health of Mary Teacher
? Like to speech in T V Channels, such as Goodness TV, Salem TV, Surya TV, Harvest TV, Jaihind TV, Power vision, Trumpet, IBU Channel, BPR Vision, Miracle TV etc.
? Pray for the spiritual development of CSI Churches.
? A change happen in 2019 parliament election and the need a change in administration. Protect India and Kerala from Calamities, don’t occure natural calamities in Kerala and India.
? Like to do African Ministries, God help me pray for getting 20 lakhs rupees return to Pastor. Vipin Jose.
? God bless to successfully function the Karakkonam Medical College.
? Salary dues of 4 months Care Ministry India, pray for providing full salary without dues.
? For accept Jesus Christ, through Indian Gospel work and avoid the disturbances of Gospel work.
? Change the bad behavior of Devaprasad and Paveen.
? Change the mind of Bishop A. Dharmaraj Rassalam and open the truthful way to the community.
? In the name of Jesus changes happen in the pain of heart, ear and eyes.
? One hour Live prayer in Television.
? Changes happen Pressure, low eye sight and problems in eye nerves.
? Grow hair in lost head spaces.
? A change happen in my mother’s health.
? Give every day TV Ministry programme.
? Freely working the Care Ministry of India.
? Quick completion of Sheela Teacher’s house construction.
? Quickly happen marriage of Vipin Jose.
? Appoint Arun J S as church worker.
? For getting the house loan quickly.
? Appointment of teachers in Chani Sunday School.
? Take land survey and get the land for Chani Church.
? For getting the financial help for Gospel work.
? For stopping the voting right of priests in South Kerala Dioceses through court order. Amen.

Bro. Austin Raj. C. P
9446616141 (m) 8606416527
u-tube – cpaustinraj, E.mail:>
Trivandrum google – cpaustinraj

Healing request

Digestion – No hunger problem – please pray for me

Please Pray For Me

Please pray for me.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

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