Ephesian History

The first Church Of God In Christ in Berkeley, California was organized in 1926, after the late Sister Carrie Franklin had been conducting prayer meetings in the community and many souls were saved. The first Mission was located at 1616 Russell Street where the Lord blessed and increased the number so greatly that the Church had to make its first move, Elder Frank Warren was the Pastor.

In 1928, the Church moved to Sacramento and Prince Streets under the leadership of Elder Waite, a Caucasian Elder in the Church of God In Christ. A building fund was started and plans were made to purchase the property at 1601 Carleton Street, which was purchased in 1929. Elder A.D. Bradley served as Pastor for a while, followed by Elder Fuller.

Overseer S. M. Crouch placed Elder J. H. Samples who had served faithfully for years as a Deacon, as Pastor in 1932. The Church Of God In Christ in Berkeley was officially the Ephesian Church Of God In Christ in 1946. Elder Samples served faithfully until his death, on September 13, 1949. On October 19, 1949, the late Bishop E. B. Stewart appointed Evangelist E.E. Cleveland, Sr. as Pastor. Through his evangelistic type of ministry many souls were added to the Church. In 1950, the property at 1709 Alcatraz Avenue was purchased and renovated to meet the needs of its followers and well-wishers. On March 27, 1951 the Saints marched jubilantly from 1601 Carleton Street to our present location.

In 1965, Bishop Elmer Elisha Cleveland (affectionately known as, Dad Cleveland) deemed it wise to demolish the building that was purchased in 1950. Though it seemed like we were wandering in the wilderness, God gave us strength, courage and favor. Brothers and Sisters of the Perry Temple Church Of God In Christ at 35th and Market Streets pastored by Elder Levi Hall and the Christian Apostolic Faith Temple Church at 54th and Martin Luther King (formerly known as Grove Street), of Oakland, CA with Elder T. Sanders as Pastor shared their buildings with us for a number of months. Through much persecution, Bishop Cleveland kept his eyes on the vision given him because he knew that, “Except the Lord build the house, he that laboreth, laboreth in vain.” We marched back to 1709 Alcatraz Avenue from Christian Apostolic Faith Temple Church on December 17, 1967. The dedicatory services of the new building were held on March 17, 1968. Bishop Cleveland served as Shepherd of Ephesian for over 40 years retiring in 1990 due to ailing health and in 1994 the Lord called him from labor to reward. During his period of illness, his son, John Cleveland and others conducted services until the appointment of Bishop Robert-Richard Carr as the seventh Pastor on September 15, 1991. Bishop Carr served for more than 23 years until his passing on June 25, 2015.

Under Bishop Carr’s leadership, the property adjacent to the main Church at 1708 Harmon and King Streets was acquired and the basic vision of the ministry continued to be a place of true Worship, having the knowledge of God and a place of ministry for the community, the nation and the world,

In July 2015, following the death of Bishop Carr, Dr. Johnathan D. Logan, Sr.  was unanimously recommended and appointed by the Pastors of the Greater Northern California Second Jurisdiction to succeed his Bishop and friend, Bishop Carr.  On November 8, 2015 during the 108th Holy Convocation of the Church Of God In Christ in St. Louis, MO, he was elevated to the Episcopal of Bishop; and on February 21, 2016, he became the eighth Senior Pastor of Ephesian Church Of God In Christ.

Ministry is Bishop Logan’s passion.  For this reason, many lives have been touched, developed and maximized and will continue to be through his anointed, insightful, teaching and leadership.  Already great transition is taking place with the remodeling of our main sanctuary entrance and other common areas.

As God continues to lead this man of God, the vision will not only come to pass, but the glory of God will be even greater than the former.